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Hotmail is a web-based email service that has been moved to a unified domain under Outlook by Microsoft. The steps to create an email account in Hotmail are listed below.

How to create a Hotmail account?

  • You need to log on to Outlook domain as the signing up process can be initiated here for Hotmail. You can type in or on the domain address bar. This will lead to the login page for signing into an account that you hold with Microsoft.
  • The link to create a new account can be found below, login panel on the front page; clicking on this will take you to a page where a new account can be created
  • The account opening form will open up on this page; you will be asked to enter certain basic details.
  • Start by entering a username of your choice. When you make a choice of a username you would be guided as per the existing database of usernames that Hotmail already has. Once you have chosen a unique username you can then proceed.

  • You would next have to select an account password. When you are choosing an account password it needs to conform to certain rules; there needs to be eight characters and should comprise of at least a single special character, character in the capital and lower case as well as numerals.
  • Once you have chosen a password that conforms to such conditions one can proceed to fill in the next fields.
  • Next fields require filling in of first and last name and gender details. The other fields require information which is considered additional but pertain to the security of your account. These include filling in of an alternate email address and phone number. These require validation.
  • When you enter an alternate email address, you would be sent a link for verification to the email address you specify. Once this link is clicked, it would lead to a confirmation page whereby you would have successfully completed the validation process for the email address.
  • The validation of the phone number you enter would be done by entering the security code that is sent as a text message to the phone number you specify. You could even ask for the code to be sent via a phone call. Once this code is keyed in the right, the verification process for the phone number would be deemed complete.
  • There is no other information to be filled that is mandatory or required. It is simply necessary to read through the terms and conditions that are mentioned below the account formation page.
  • Once the terms and conditions are read you would be required to enter the captcha code correctly. Once this is done the sign-up process is completed.

Logging into your Hotmail account

The login process is an easy one and it is recommended that someone log in regularly to keep their account active as well as use the handy features of the inbox.

  • Step 1

Save as a domain address or that would take you to your Hotmail account directly.

  • Step 2

You will find the login panel to Microsoft accounts opening up on this page. Key in username in full, which is the email address.

  • Step 3

Once the email address is keyed in you would be redirected to next page for entering the password. Ensure that the password is keyed in right to complete the login process which usually involves keying in the case-sensitive password in the correct order.

  • Step 4

In order to save time by logging into your Hotmail account, you can check the box below the login panel where you are given the option to save your password details. This will ensure that the password field does not have to be filled every time you log into your account. This step is recommended only when you are using a computer or laptop solely by yourself or in a secure environment.

  • Step 5

The access code feature is another aspect that is an advantage with Microsoft accounts. This can be done by setting an access code to your account by syncing your phone with your computer. Once this setup is done a security code is sent to the registered phone number and this helps one to log onto their account.

Activating a 2-step verification for Hotmail accounts

This is an additional feature for security that Hotmail provides to users. This feature, when activated, helps to make sure that login to Hotmail account will remain secure.

  1. The two-step verification process can be activated from the security settings on your Hotmail account.
  2. When one has activated the two-step verification process they are asked to key an additional security code every time they log onto their account.
  3. One can still save their password and need not key in security code every time they access their account; however, alerts are sent when you try to sign into your account from a new device.

How to stay logged into your account?

The steps to follow in order to stay logged into your Hotmail account are mentioned below:

  • Log-on to your computer’s web browser. You can type in domain addresses such as or to arrive at the same page for logging into your email account.
  • The integrated login page of Microsoft comprises of a login panel that can be used to enter into Hotmail account as well as any other Microsoft account you might hold.
  • The first field is the username field. This requires an email or account address of any Microsoft service to be entered in full.
  • Once you have entered your Hotmail email address in the username field you would be redirected to the next page.
  • Here you need to enter the password of your account. Ensure that the case-sensitive letters of the password are entered right.
  • Below the password login section, you will find a checkbox that can be clicked if you wish to save your account password. Upon clicking this option, you would not be required to enter the password every time.

Logging out of Hotmail account

This is recommended especially when you are using a public or shared computer to access your email account.

  1. When you have finished using your Hotmail account, you can find the sign-out option on the top right-hand corner of your email interface.
  2. Once you find the Logout option among the drop-down list of choices, you can click on the same. This will lead to logging out of your account.
  3. Remember to log out or sign out of your profile from a common or shared computer; in case you are signed in on your personal computer, you can simply close the tab of your web browser to finish an email browsing section.

Different features of Hotmail to use

Signing up and logging into Hotmail will help one to use the different features of the email.

  • Step 1: Once you log into Hotmail you would be led to the inbox of your email account. You could also configure to be led directly to inbox page or the MSN Today page. This usually opens up automatically with a link to your inbox page. On the MSN Today page, you will find the latest happenings, news section, updates on weather and other kinds of information that you could customize to check out on this page.
  • Step 2: Once you visit your email inbox page you will find the link to compose new email which is located on Hotmail toolbar.
  • Step 3: When you click on “New” link, this is located on Hotmail toolbar. After you have composed your email message, you can add in the recipient’s address from the contact list. When you click on “To” button a small pop up window opens up to allow one to choose a recipient name.
  • Step 4: Message content can be formatted in different ways. There is rich text formatting allowed that can help you send across emails with different font styles and fancy formatting. You can use the rich text toolbar on top of the message box.
  • Step 5: Once an email message has been composed, you can use Send link which is located on top of the message composition section. In case you wish to save the message in draft mode, use the Save option. In other cases, you can use the Send option to send across the message instantly.

The above points showcase how you can sign up for a new account on Hotmail. There are several ways to make your account secret and make your login process safe, no matter from which device you log on. There are different features offered on the new Hotmail account that one can use to organize their different emails as well as get all their social media and other communication integrated into this single inbox.

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