How to create a Hotmail

Outlook would still allow you to create an ID with the domain name as Here is a step by step illustration of how to create a Hotmail or Outlook Account.

  • Open the web browser in your computer and type or in the address bar. If you haven’t worked on any Outlook accounts using the browser, then it would automatically open the page addressed as
  • The outlook page you have just opened will let you create a new Hotmail/Outlook account. On the top of the page to the left corner, you can see an option “Create a free account” At the center of the page also you will be able to see the same option. Click on either of these options to begin the process of creating a free Hotmail/Outlook ID.
  • Next, you will be getting a window that says “Create account”. Below that, you have a field named “New email”. You have to key in a name for your account ID. On the right side of the same field, you can see the domain address as To its right side, you can see a small drop-down arrow. Click on the arrow and you will get a drop-down menu with an option “”. If you want to create an ID with the domain name as you have to select this option while creating the account ID. Note that the difference in the domain name will not affect the features and services of your account.

  • After choosing the domain name, you have to type in a suitable name for your account. You can use a combination of alphabets, digits and special characters like underscore (_) and ‘dot’ to create your ID name. Click on the option “Next” to proceed to the next step. If the name you have entered is unique and has never been used by anyone else for creating a Microsoft account, then you will be able to proceed to the next step of your account creation.
  • If the name you have entered is already taken by someone else for creating their Microsoft account, then you will get a message that the account ID you have typed “is already a Microsoft account”. The window would request you to try entering another name. It would also provide an option in a blue-colored text to claim one of the few options that are available. Click on the text to check the suggestions offered. This will open a window that says “Choose an address” You will see some ID names that are similar to the name you had entered but they may contain a combination of numbers which makes them unique. If you do not want any of the suggested ID names you can click on the option “Back” to return to the name field.
  • You can again try entering a name by adding a combination of letters and digits so that the ID name gets accepted. After you are done, click on the option “Next”.
  • Once your ID name gets accepted, you will be getting a window that says “Create a password”. Below this, there will be a field to enter the password. You have to key in a password for your account. Note that you can change the password anytime after creating the account.
  • Below the password field, you can see a checkbox and an option that says “Send me promotional emails”. If you want to receive emails and notifications about special offers and new features you can keep the checkbox selected. But if you do not wish to receive any emails from Microsoft you can disable the checkbox before proceeding to the next step.
  • Once you are done, you have to click on the option “Next”. However, if your password is not strong enough, you will get an alert saying that the password must include at least 2 of the symbols, numbers, or uppercase letters and there should be a minimum of 8 characters. If you get such an alert, you should make the alterations by adding numbers or symbols. Once you are done, you will be able to proceed to the next step.

  • Next, you will get a window with fields for entering your First name and Last name. You have to enter genuine names because these names shall be visible to your email recipients. Choose the option “Next” after entering the names.
  • Next, you will be asked to enter your Country or region. From the drop-down list, you have to select the country. Below that you will be having a field to enter your Birth date. Choose the month, day, and year from the dropdown list and click on the option “Next”.

In this step, you will be asked to enter a text or picture Captcha. This is a security measure. If you do not like the Captcha option you can choose an Audio Captcha by clicking on the option “Audio”. This option would replace the Captcha with an audio icon. You have to play the audio by pressing 1 on the keyboard. The audio would play a series of words and you have to type the words in the field given below. You can type the words in any order. This is to ensure that the account is created manually. Click on the option “Next” after entering the words.

  • The next window would request you to add security information. In the first field, you need to choose the country code from the drop-down list. Below that you will be having a field for entering a phone number. You need to enter your 10-digit mobile number. After entering the phone number, click on the option “Send Code”. Within a few seconds, you will receive a message from Microsoft team that includes a code. At the same time, you will be able to see a new field for entering the access code you have received. Enter the code and click on the option “Next”. If you didn’t get the code, you can click on the option “I didn’t get a code” as a second attempt to receive the code.
  • Next, you will see a window that says “Welcome to Outlook”. There will be an arrow pointing to the right side. Click on the arrow to proceed.
  • In the next window, you need to enter some details to complete the setup. Here, you will be having fields for choosing a language and time zone. Use the drop-down menu to choose your preferred language for the account. In the time zone field, you will be having a default selection which is based on the country you have specified previously. You can verify and choose the time zone and click on the arrow on the right-hand side to proceed further.

In this step, you need to select a theme for your Hotmail account interface. There are many colorful themes displayed. You can click on any one of the themes and you will get a sample of the theme along the top border of the screen. After making a suitable selection you can click on the arrow to proceed to the final stage of the setup. Note that you can change the theme anytime in future.

  • Next, you have the option of adding your signature. You can create a custom signature that would automatically appear in all the emails you sent. It is a very useful feature if you wish to use the account for business purposes. You have to enter your name and credentials to prepare a perfect ‘Sign Off’ text. You can add words like “Regards” or “Thank you”. You can click on the option “Business” to set your official signature for business emails. Here, you can enter details like company name and address. On the top menu, you have the option of attaching an image. There is an insert image icon. Click on it to upload an image of your choice. You can add your photo or logo of your company to create a perfect ‘Sign Off’ message. You can use the font options to make the necessary changes to the text. You can also set the alignment of your Signature text.
  • Note that you can set your signature anytime in the future or make necessary changes to the one you create right now. You also have an option to use signature templates provided by Outlook. You can also upload new templates.

Once you have finished the entire layout, click on the arrow to the right side. Wait for the setup to load fully. Now you have finished with your account creation and setup. You can access your inbox and start using the features of your account.

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